Saturday, 17 July 2021

The KSI Show was a Scam. here's how?

THE KSI SHOW SCAM with Logan Paul

KSI announced recently he will be starting The KSI Show, where different musician and Entertainers will participating like, KSI, Logan Paul, Anne Marie, YungBlud, Randolph and many more.

The KSI Show Features

The first Episode of the show Release on 17th July 2021 and thousands of fans rushed to see the show but........ not because of these singers!!!!

Let's be honest here no one is going to pay to listen same songs, when they can listen to them for free on Spotify.

So KSI did a trick and played everyone, he bring Logan Paul to the show (not really) and after fans heard about this, everyone including me gone crazy, nobody expected that.

KSI vs Logan Paul 3

KSI teased boxing match with Logan Paul and everyone in the world expected that KSI vs Logan Paul 3 will happen in The KSI Show.

but all hopes gone underwater........

The KSI Show did bring Logan Paul but for the few frames, it's safe to say that KSI CLICKBAITED EVERYONE ON THE INTERNET.

Fans are Angry on KSI for Scamming people on THE KSI SHOW

After fans watched the whole entire The KSI Show and Logan Paul was not in sight anywhere, fans started attacking KSI on Twitter.

KSI biggest Scam

KSI clickbaited entire Internet

KSI vs Logan Paul 3 was Fake

If you paid for the fight just to watch KSI vs Logan Paul 3 then i am really sorry, but you got played son.

Logan Paul in The KSI Show

Logan Paul was in The KSI Show but not for boxing, there was small skit where KSI and Logan Paul acted a little bit, it was fun.

Logan Paul in The KSI Show

Logan Paul vs KSI 3 boxing match in The KSI Show

So, the show featured a boxing match between KSI and Logan Paul (not really) they started by making fun of each other and walking towards the ring and saying few lines when they start swinging the video cuts. I FEEL ROBBED



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