Friday, 16 July 2021

Facebook is Getting Cancelled!!!! They're Killing People - Joe Biden

Facebook was accused in 2019 for selling users private data to Advertisers and Politicians. Now Facebook is getting cancelled for showing Misinformation.

Everyone remembers the times when Mark Zuckerberg looked like a space robot in senate hearing. Facebook was fined $5 billion which is highest fine ever.

Mark Zuckerberg

People are again angry on Facebook and Tweeting on #DeleteFacebook after President Joe Biden was asked about Facebook.

Journalist: "What's your message for platforms like Facebook?"

President @JoeBiden"They're killing people."

After this statement people are going nuts on twitter and demanding to Delete Facebook for good.

White House released a statement about how these big Social Media companies are destroying peoples life with fake engagements on their posts and showing Misinformation.

So should you Delete Facebook Yes or No it depends on you. I don't use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for Likes. and if you are using these platforms just for your emotional satisfaction of getting more and more Likes you should leave these platforms because it can make you depress and you will lose your mental state.

When you upload your photos on social media and expect them to get thousands of likes "which everyone does" but when you get only 5 or 10 likes you get sad and angry and when you upload your next photo you will get anxiety and some even experience panic attacks.

So if you want to be happy in life, don't use social media for likes and don't expect to get thousands of Likes and Followers.



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